Friday, 6 June 2014

Behind the bar

This is my first time writing something like this. These stories are for 18+ and of course interested readers. I have dedicated this whole blog to all the hot, heavy and sexy encounters. Thus,  the name X-encounters. I hope you enjoy reading and tell others to enjoy the same pleasure. Do comment how you find it.
It was raining heavily.  I was standing on the front side of ‘Dreams’ the most popular bar in the downtown. I was standing alone and wishing James was there to give me a lift. James was my crush from work. If only he knew how many times I have climaxed screaming his name alone on my bed. I had this sudden urge between my thighs. The heat was overpowering even in the rain. I was wet from head to toe. My black sequined little dress did little to not display my sudden urge.
 I moved to the alley behind the bar. It was quite and no one was in site. I started touching my face, inching slowly towards my neck. My breathe was growing heavy moment by moment. My long nails slightly grazing my cleavage were enough to make goose bumps appear all over my body. A hand slithered from behind engulfing my waist in a tight grip. My eyes opened and my sensitized senses were now on alert. I tried to turn around but the grip was very strong. A manly and dark tone whispered in my ears Garcia what are you doing here?
Oh the voice I remember it so well. It was as if my fantasy was about to come true after all. I whispered back in the heat of the moment James. .
I suppose that was his undoing as he his hands slowly traced my shoulders, collarbones and my spine oh ever so lightly. He moved my hairs in front kissing my exposed shoulders. One hand still gripped me and the other was softly teasing my thighs. He slowly reached between my legs inching towards the sweet spot in between.
 Ah, Garcia you are so wet.
 And then he started rubbing my aching sex with his finger through the fine cotton panties. My legs were turning into jelly and I supported myself on him.
Yes James. .
Will you come to my place? I have been watching you all night in the bar.You were there shaking your sexy little ass to the music. Oh, I so wanted to grab you then and there.
He was watching me? Why didn’t I know. If it was possible my breathing grew even more heavier. And I replied to him
Yes. .
And this answer enough was all it took for him to carry me bridal style towards his car. He fidgeted with the keys and finally opening the car he made me sit inside the car. The door of the other side opened and closed swiftly. He drove to his place like he was in a fucking formula1 race. I got out of the car as soon as he unlocked it. He also came out locking the car and grabbing my hands he nearly ran me the couple of stairs to his house. Great, in what frame of mind did i choose these six inch heels. On the last step I nearly cramped my ankles but it was secondary as the primary need was right there in front of me standing and unlocking the door of his house. He slowed down a bit switching the lights on and I followed him to what I suppose was his bedroom. He turned back cupping my face in his hands. He stood six feet two inches tall and there I was barely matching him even in my heels. His midnight black hairs were damp and sexy as hell on the finely chiselled face. He wore a T-shirt which clung to him like a second skin and stone-washed blue jeans which were now soaking. I could make out the toned muscles and was literally devouring him with my eyes as were his devouring me. He hugged me while kissing me softly. I opened my mouth a bit more to give him access as his tongue rolled inside my mouth. A slow moan echoed from inside simultaneously.

We were literally dry humping each other with the touching and teasing. His hands were working on my back unzipping my little dress. As it fell to the floor he squeezed my ass and bit my lower lip as I squealed from the surprise and mix of everything he was doing to me. My hands were clammy and I removed his t-shirt. I stopped pushing him a little away from me and admiring my Adonis. I could see the bulge through his jeans, it was so huge I could make out from outside.
All of a sudden he pushed me and I fell on the bed behind me. He adjusted himself on top of me rubbing his sex on mine. Though we were not yet exposed fully but still it almost made me come in my panties. He unclasped my bra. Massaging my breasts in his hands. My nipples were so erect and hard. He flicked a tongue over one of them while the other was twitched between his fingers.
Ah! James ..
My hands fumbled beneath and I unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down the zip and realized he had no briefs on. This was enough to turn me on more than before. I caressed his cock in my hands, as I heard his sharp intake of breathe. He grabbed both my hands placing them above my head and holding both in his one hand. With the other he removed my panties and began the slow tease around my clit. Slight rubs and pressure on all the right places. My eyes were heavy yet I could not avert them from him. He had the look of a hungry beast waiting to pounce on its prey. He inserted a finger inside my pussy
 Garcia you are so tight..
Mhmm..James I want you..
Coming darling.
As he kept on fingering me his lips worked the way up licking my navel, belly button and he stopped on my breasts. He sucked on each one of them like a baby. I could hear myself moan in pleasure. He withdrew his fingers and lied on me completely covering me. I gasped feeling his cock throbbing on my pussy.
He ripped open a condom, ready to cover his cock. I stopped him.
I am on birth control.
He smiled mischievously and slowly eased himself inside me.
Ah! James you are so big.
Your little pussy is so hot and wet for me.
He slowly began thrusting in and out. As he paced up his thrusts one of his hands grabbed my neck and he growled. I could feel my pussy clench around him as I shivered in the anticipation of what was to come. He started kissing me, his hands finding other spots to touch. He kneaded my breasts in his hands. He was so rough and fast. And I could not hold myself anymore.
Come for me baby..
This was all I needed as I climaxed. The earth-shattering orgasm and the scream was all it took to let him loose as well. As he got inside ball deep and grunted while I could feel the hot spurts of semen inside me.
He rolled by my side holding my hands.
This was the best.
Mhmm..I agree Jamie.
He smiled, cuddling with me as we dozed off.

Let’s watch out your reactions. And I will upload further like a good girl as soon as I get some feedbacks.
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